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Ashpole Research Lab
University of Mississippi

Current Lab Members

Photo of Dr. Nicole Ashpole

Nicole Ashpole

Assistant Professor of BioMolecular Sciences

Photo of Jessica Posey Marshall

Jessica Marshall

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Behavior, neurodegeneration, pharmacology

Career Interests: Research administration

Cellas Hayes Headshot

Cellas Hayes, Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interest: Cellular mechanisms that underlie insulin-like growth factor-1 neuroprotective properties in stroke

Interests: neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s Disease, neuroimaging, cannabinoids, aging

Career Interests: Academia/Politics

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Headshot of Miguel DeLeon

Miguel Antonio De Leon

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Cannabinoids, neurodegeneration, pain, & psychedelics

Career Interests: Academia/mentoring


Photo of Erik HodgesErik Hodges, Ph.D.

Currently a Post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School






Photo of Disha Prabhu


Disha Prabhu, Ph.D.

Currently a Research Scientist at WuXi AppTec