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Ashpole Research Lab
University of Mississippi

Current Lab Members

Photo of Dr. Nicole Ashpole

Nicole Ashpole, Assistant Professor of BioMolecular Sciences

Photo of Jessica Posey Marshall

Jessica Posey Marshall, R&D Biologist

Photo of Cellas Hayes, Graduate Student

Cellas Hayes, Graduate Student


Photo of Erik Hodges

Photo of Disha Prabhu

Photo of Madison Frerker and Nicole AshpoleMadison Frerker

Madison is currently a medical student at Southern Illinois University School of Medical School. Madison researched college football concussions and graduated from Ole Miss with Honors in May 2018.

Picture: Graduation Day






Photo of Jay Mitchum

Jay Mitchum

Jay is currently taking part in the DC Capital Fellows Program. He was also accepted into medical school at the University of Tennessee, which he deferred until Fall 2019. Jay researched kinase signaling cascades in aged brains and graduated with Honors in May 2018.

Picture: Day he was accepted into medical school








Photo of Myriam Sanders

Myriam Sanders

Myriam is currently in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Myriam researched the neurotoxic potential of a natural product and graduated with Honors in May 2018.

Picture: Day of her thesis defense